It's 5 o'clock somewhere! Check out Cupcakes After 5, a line of cocktail-inspired, alcohol-infused cupcakes.

Cupcakes After 5
$2.25 each  |  $12.75 half dozen  |  $24.75 full dozen


Red, Red Wine - NEW FLAVOR!
Red velvet cupcake soaked with a Merlot wine reduction, filled and topped with a beautiful Merlot-infused buttercream, and garnished with fresh red velvet cake crumbs. Perfect for any wine lover!

Lemon Chambord - NEW FLAVOR!
Vanilla cupcake soaked with Vodka simple syrup, filled with sweet lemon cream, topped with a Chambord-infused raspberry buttercream, and garnished with a raspberry candy slice.

Bailey’s Irish Cream
Chocolate cupcake soaked with Bailey’s Irish Cream, filled with creamy chocolate ganache, topped with Bailey’s-infused white chocolate buttercream, and garnished with a chocolate lattice.

Champagne & Strawberries
Vanilla cupcake soaked with Champagne simple syrup, filled with a fresh strawberry, topped with Champagne-and-Strawberry buttercream, and topped with a slice of strawberry and white nonpareils.

Kahlua Mudslide
Chocolate cupcake soaked with Vodka syrup, filled with creamy chocolate ganache, topped with Kahlua-infused buttercream, and garnished with a waterfall of chocolate ganache and white chocolate lattice.

Sam Adams Seasonal - Cream Stout
Chocolate cupcake soaked with Sam Adams Cream Stout, filled with coffee-flavored chocolate ganache, topped with a Cream Stout-infused buttercream, and garnished with half-dipped chocolate pretzel.

Our "Cupcakes After 5" lineup changes throughout the year based upon holiday and/or season. However, some our seasonal flavors may be available for special orders. Call us at (978) 774-4545 for availability. The minimum quantity for a special order is 1 dozen cocktail cupcakes per flavor, not including assortments. 

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