Cakes for Occasions is proud to be a nut-free establishment. 

At Cakes for Occasions, we are concerned with the health and well-being of our customers. We are proud to be a Nut-Free establishment. We understand the severity of both the peanut and tree nut allergies and take every practical precaution to ensure that peanuts and tree nuts are not used in any of our products and do not cross contaminate any of our products by doing the following:

Despite all of these efforts, certain things are beyond our control. We cannot control whether our products are delivered by companies that also deliver products that contain nuts. We do guard against any cross contamination occurring during delivery by insisting that all of our ingredients are delivered in sealed bags and boxes.

We do use coconut at our facility and in our products. It is our understanding that coconuts are typically not restricted in the diets of people who have a tree-nut allergy. We are aware of the fact that in October 2006, the FDA began identifying coconut as a tree nut. We do want to advise any person who has a coconut allergy that some of our products do contain coconut. Please inquire upon placing your order.

We take pride in our Nut-Free policy. We are transparent in our operations and are always willing to provide information should a customer have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact us at 978-774-4545.

Download our Nut Free Policy PDF

While everything we make is peanut and tree nut-free, we do offer a growing selection of cakes and desserts for those who have food sensitivities or dietary restrictions.

Sugar-Free. We do offer Sugar-Free cakes and cupcakes, which can be ordered at any time.

Gluten-Free. We do offer a flourless chocolate cake, which is Gluten-Free. Please note that we do have unbleached flour on the premises and it is difficult to contain, so cross contamination could occur.

Egg-Free. We do offer Egg-Free cakes. Please note that we do have eggs and dairy on the premises, but we segregate these orders and box them away to prevent any cross contamination.

Dairy-Free. We do not produce 100% Dairy-Free products at this time. For those who may have a Lactose Intolerance, we do make some products like our Apple and Pumpkin breads, which do not contain milk. However, these items may contain traces of butter and cannot be considered 100% Dairy-Free.

Soy Allergies. Some of our ingredients do contain soy.